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Cheryl Riley with arms folded in a black dress

 It's time for Maryland to show America a new vision for the future !

End Corruption, More Transparency

Social Justice and Economic Prosperity

a new platform

For years, nothing has changed; now is the time for change.

The people of MoCo and District 8 deserve the best. That is why I will fight for a new agenda in Congress, which has never been seen before. 

Health insurance for all, accessible reproductive care, affordable childcare, investments in smart infrastructure, bicycle highways, immigration reform, building affordable homes, supporting our allies, opening our waterways, closing tax loopholes, cutting tax rates, making our communities safe, and protecting social security. 

I'm running for Congress

in District 8 as a MoCo native

 I was born in DC and raised right here in Montgomery County, where I continue to reside to this day. As a longtime resident who loves her home, I am running to bring a new vision to our persistent problems on a platform that promises liberty to make choices and a government that invests carefully in our people and our economy to have the best businesses AND the best people.


Montgomery County is in the 99th percentile of US counties in terms of household income, household net worth, and educational attainment, with a GDP higher than thirteen US states. But over the past twenty years, household incomes and job opportunities have flatlined. Our elected representatives have done little to generate new economic opportunities for our residents. While in Congress, I will work for social justice, fight to reform our criminal system, and ensure women's rights to reproductive care while fighting for families to have the resources they need to have children, including affordable childcare. At the same time, we need to revive the economic opportunity of Montgomery County, and I will work tirelessly in Congress and with our County officials to earmark funds for projects that will do just that. 


I've seen politics in America digress from meaningful conversation to meaningless talk. Words have to matter again, and our leaders must be accountable for what they say and do, that is why Jamie Raskin has to go.

Jamie Raskin doesn't work

He is out of touch. Believe me, I am tired of lyin' Raskin as much as you are. No bill he has introduced into the House of Representatives has become law after four terms in office. He promises plenty but does nothing. Instead of working on and passing legislation to help the lives of everyday Americans, he works to introduce and mostly fails to pass partisan, ideology-focused legislation that does nothing for the hardworking constituents of our county. That is why I have stood up and decided to run. When I'm in Congress, I will work with both sides of the aisle to bring criminal justice reform and ensure women have what they need to start a family and access to the crucial care they need, all the while working to bring real economic opportunities to our country and county.  

Cheryl Riley with her arms folded in her blue dress with gold bracelets

Hi, I'm Cheryl!

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